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Are you stuck and unhappy in a job or relationship, or in dealing with some other problem?

Do you have problems which seem very difficult or even impossible to solve?

Dr. Jeffrey Shaw is a psychologist and a life coach, who has as a primary objective to help people be more successful, happier, and move ahead most efficiently. His strategic focus is particularly effective with overcoming crises and getting "unstuck" from problematic work situations and/or relationships.

In addition to experience as a life coach, Dr. Shaw has been a clinical psychologist over 15 years, with a Ph.D. and postdoctoral training in cognitive -behavioral therapy, modern psychoanalysis, and career counseling. He earned honors for academic and teaching endeavors, has written articles for professionals and the public, and has been interviewed on radio talk shows.

Dr. Shaw has recently published a book entitled, Psychopedia: 181 Life Principles to Help You Become Happier and More Successful, available on Amazon or by contacting him directly.

Comments from persons who have worked with Dr. Shaw as a Life Coach:

“Dr. Shaw truly cares about the people with whom he works.”

“He has the ability to ‘cut to the quick’ to determine what needs to be done next to help move ahead and solve problems.”

“He truly gets to know you when he works with you, so he can provide solutions which are right for you.”





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